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Bo‚Äčaz Baptist Chronicles

Bible Believing, KJV, Independent Baptist, Soulwinning, Premillennial, Family and Homeschool Friendly

In Loving Memory

Please put volume up...

Sal D'Andrea

July 10th 1945 - May 7th 2009

 Our Brother In Christ, Our Friend...

Anyone who has ever had the priviledge of meeting Sal D'Andrea, knew, they were meeting a shy, friendly, man who loved God, Jesus, and the King James Bible. When you met Sal for the first time, he normally would put his shyness on hold just long enough to pass you a Gospel tract, or speak to you about your soul.

Born an Italian Roman Catholic, on 12th Street, in Long Island City, Queens, New York, Sal got saved 38 years later in front of his television set, listening to a televangelist give the Gospel. "After living in sin for many years and playing the horses, I bowed my head that day right next to the T.V., and I asked Jesus to come into my heart to save me," he would say. That was his testimony, and he never turned back.

Sal loved Jesus, and the Bible. And, he loved going to church, to hear the word of God.

From it's inception, almost singlehandedly, Sal helped to finance the Bible Baptist Church of Astoria - most weeks DOUBLING his tithe - to see the work of God continue, and the Gospel go forth.

With a serious heart condition, and knowing he wasn't long for this world, Sal's greatest desire was to go home to be with his Saviour. On Thursday, May 7th, 2009, he got his wish. Jesus welcomed our friend home to Heaven. He will be greatly missed.

D'Andrea Way...

In April 2010 D'Andrea Way was completed.