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Love Letters

Posted on 7 September, 2012 at 18:35

A young man on our Facebook group said that he led someone to the Lord, a few days ago, on Facebook

Here’s his story…

“I met a friend of mine
after I got off work one night at the Dominos where my wife works.  It was about four years ago.  I never really saw him after that, but I became friends with him on Facebook.  That’s where/when I started to witness to him about three years ago.  He turned down salvation at least four times since the first time I spoke to him.  Anyway, yesterday, like I always do, I was driving home some political points from a Christian point of view on a post, and I saw that he seemed to be interested.  So I witnessed to him.  I told him (there in that public post) that I love him and didn’t want to see him go to Hell.  Then I asked him, if he had ever asked God to save him. He said, he’d been thinking about it. Then he said he'd do it.  I asked him to tell me “when?”  He replied, “just now.”  Praise God!!!!!!!  I talked with him after that for about thirty minutes, privately.  He said he's coming to church, Sunday.  Please, pray for his growth and me to help him....”

Well, when this Brother told his friends in church about his Facbook friend getting saved, they mocked him and told him that it’s not valid “personal work” and that Facebook is “not about keeping souls out of Hell.”

Now, to my two cents…

Jesus said to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  (Mark 16:15)

Isn’t that what this young man was doing, by making friends with someone to give them the Gospel?  Didn’t he have compassion on someone’s lost soul?  Wasn’t he using the internet for good?  Is there something untoward or sinful about writing words that form sentences that form paragraphs that form letters to someone? 

While we are asking questions…

Isn’t the Bible, like Facebook, written “line upon line, line upon line”…?  (Isaiah 28:10)   Didn’t the letters that Paul and the other Apostles write to churches and individuals later become Holy Scripture that completed God’s Canon?  Don’t we call those Scriptures “God’s Love Letter to man?”  Aren’t we ALL saved because someone wrote a letter?  And, last, isn’t that how God speaks to us today, through His word?

Pastor Bob

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